“I  knew i wanted to do something that involved God.”

Hi welcome and thank you for visiting Christian Creations 316. My name is Zoe and i live with my husband, three children and two dogs in the lovely county of Dorset.

I have been part of my beautiful local church for many years now and love it so much. Now my children are growing up and are less dependant on myself i knew i wanted to do something that involved God in some way.

It was Christmas 2018, my favourite time of year! When the lord spoke to my family about printing bible verses on jute bags i absolutely loved the idea, i wondered if it was even possible to achieve this? But all things are possible with God!

I wanted to help others in some way also, but again how? And again i was answered! Two wonderful people from my local church have been in Uganda for many years helping to build wells for the community’s, and they need help, so i want to help them in any possible way i can starting with a fashion show, details shortly with a webpage dedicated to this.

I am so excited about this journey that has started, i want to spread the word of God through my products and help others at the same time.

Many thanks and blessings

Zoe. xx